NWRCRP Homeless Children's Brokerage Program

The experience of homelessness can have a significant impact on a child's education; physical, emotional and mental health; and their sense of connectedness to their peers and the broader community. Children’s issues can be compounded by a lack of access to education, health, and support, social and recreational opportunities within the community.

The Homeless Children's Brokerage Program has been established to enhance opportunities for children experiencing homelessness to:

  • Engage and maintain their education (including early education services such as childcare and kindergarten).
  • Reduce social isolation by enhancing access to a range of support, social and recreational opportunities within their community.
  • Provide social and emotional growth opportunities for children and provide opportunities to increase relational bonds between parents/carers and children.

The Homeless Children's Brokerage Program also aims to provide further encouragement to homelessness support providers to integrate child focused assessment and case planning into their work practice.

Please see attached application form or call us on 93595493 or email halime@merri.org.au or Clarem@merri.org.au

Please phone or email prior to submitting brokerage application to ensure there are funds available.









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